The mysterious terror rapper from Atlanta’s debut track comes produced by SpaceGhostPurrp.

From the darkest, most secluded hole in the internet arrives MDTA, a frightening new horror trap rapper from Atlanta who invades the scene with an overtly creepy, spine tingling track titled “Mirror,” produced by the reigning king of phonk, Spaceghostpurrp.

The video, shot with distorted images and overexposure, shows MDTA stalking a faceless female with kitchen knife inside a cemetery pulled straight from Night of the Living Dead. It’s disorienting, eerie, and, best of all, a straight up banger.

There’s not much available information about MDTA. Besides “Mirror,” only two other songs are present on his Soundcloud including “Lose Me,” and the recently uploaded “Pledge.” His biography states he’s “more dead than alive,” which echoes the most stirring line in “Mirror.” Check out the track below and keep one eye open for MDTA as he continues to scare the shit out of the internet.


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