Meet Compton’s very own EA & MaseratiDee from “13 Hunnid”

What’s better than one, two of course. Meet Compton’s very own EA & MaseratiDee from “13 Hunnid”. Two twins putting on for their city with a strong force of devotion to keep striving to the top. EA & MaseratiDee started doing music at the age of 14 years old when they both realized they had a vigorous passion for the music they never looked back. Surrounded by impactful influences in their family the twins Uncle plays a major role in inspiring EA & MaseratiDee to really getting their feet wet. Sounds from Lil Boosie, Webbie, Jeezy, and Jay Z will give listeners insight on what “13 Hunnid” is all about.

Recently taking a major loss from the passing of their Little sister “Nene”, the twins had no other way to cope but to continue their music career in memory of their sister. Naming both albums after her “Nene” was “13 Hunnids” prime motivation for both projects. With their breakthrough song, “Presto” ft ComtonassTG and Teeezy on the “LongliveNeNe” album it reached over 100k views on Youtube. Following their single “Lil Booties Matter” that is in rotation throughout Hollywood and LA strip clubs, the twins are buzzing all around the county. EA & MaseratiDee’s main goal is to continue to put out good music and be an inspiration to show people no matter what you go through keep pushing ahead and never give up.

Living by the quote “Whenever Inspiration won’t find you, you have to find it”-Jay Z

Stay tuned as “13 Hunnid” continues the grind with a hustle that won’t go unnoticed make sure you check out “LongLiveNene2” available on all platforms.

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