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Meet Nil Bambu, an up and coming vocalist from South Florida [ Interview]

Nil and I talk about many things ranging from her musical background, future projects, and how she is staying Quarantine free.


Where are you from?

Originally I’m from Trinidad. I was born there and moved to South Fl when I was about four years old and have lived here ever since.

How old were you when you started music and why?

I’ve always loved music ever since I was small. I loved to sing and dance. In school, I was in the chorus and had to be a part of pretty much anything musical. I remember I wrote my first song in middle school granted it wasn’t the greatest, but I’ve always had a passion for music.

When did you start taking it seriously?

About a year or so after I graduated high school. I began developing my sound and finding myself as an artist experimenting and finding what works for me and what feels right within. In 2016, I released my first song on SoundCloud called 06, it did pretty well and after that the rest was history.

Will this be your first project?

No, I released my first EP called “Diamond Sutra,” in 2017.

Any info you can give us about your upcoming project?

I know a lot of people are going to be upset when I say this, but I’m taking my time on it. It’s called “Midnight Lotus,” and it’s in one word. A journey. I’ve released two singles so far, “Right There,” and “All I Need,” This project means a lot to me and it’s about growth, no mud, no lotus, the journey through the dark night of the soul… Right before the dawn, I guess, in a way instead of just releasing the EP, I decided to take my listeners on the journey with me, bit by bit, witnessing each stage of my growth, as I evolve and each petal of the lotus begins to bloom.

What does B-side mean?

Technically, it means the other side of a project. But in my case, it’s kind of a play on words. B-Side to me means “shadow work or the shadow side” in psychology Carl Jung speaks about the shadow side or dark side of our personality, the things we repress, tend to hide, the side of us we don’t like to share. The playlist I released on SoundCloud are all songs I never thought would see the light of day, they represented a time in my life I never really like to talk about or share, but I’ve been doing a lot of shadow work these days in quarantine, so I thought it’d be healing to share and maybe others could relate especially in this time. I know we’re all being affected differently.

How has your quarantine been going and how have you stayed busy and quarantine free?

To be honest I normally don’t really go out unless I’m working or it’s super necessary, so it hasn’t hit me too hard. I love being inside and I think it’s a perfect time to recharge and focus on what really matters to us, whatever that may be. To stay sane, I’ve been making a lot of new music, planning and brainstorming, centering, focusing on my health, and most importantly social distancing and taking it easy. Prior to quarantine, I was working a lot and began feeling like I couldn’t find time for myself. I specialize in the art of doing nothing, I love relaxing. Although, I do miss going to the beach. I think this is definitely what my soul, as well as the world, needed.

Name 5 artists you want to work with in the future?

There are so many people I admire but if I had to say top 5.. Sade, Drake, Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd, and Babyface

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