Meet: Teddy Walton

People may not recognize the name “Teddy Walton” right off the bat but they will definitely recognize the music that he has produced.

Travis “Teddy” Walton is a Tennessee-native composer, producer, songwriter and DJ. He has worked with several well-known groups and artists throughout his career such as Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller and A$AP Rocky. In addition to producing music for other artists he has also released three of his own albums: Nights (2014), Girls Night Out (2015) and The After Party (2015).

Walton’s music combines Hip-Hop, EDM and R&B to deliver a calming slightly-psychedelic experience to all listeners. His work samples several other artists’ music such as his track “Mental Health” featuring Dom Kennedy which samples Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”.

In an interview on Noisey Walton said that he first started to get into music at a young age because he was intrigued by the sounds in cartoons:

“I used to watch TV a lot, so I started getting into music really then. I was actually trying to download a game, but then I made a mistake and downloaded FL Studio, […] Since then I stayed on there just really fucking around until I started taking it seriously.”

After realizing his passion for working with sounds and producing music he produced his brother June’s first project. Walton said that he discovered his sound while producing June’s music and has described his sound as a combination of Three Six Mafia, Tame Impala, and SWV:

“I bring a psychedelic, yet soulful sound to most of my music.”

After producing his brother June’s first project titled EVOL, Walton said that’s when he realized he would make it as a big producer — and he is.

In 2016 Walton got his big break after meeting with Kendrick Lamar and playing some of his samples for the popular rapper. Lamar ended up digging some of Walton’s music and decided to use his work in his single “Love” featuring a sample by LA-based singer and instrumentalist Zacari.

From there, Walton went on to produce another track for Lamar titled “GOD”. He also produced multiple songs on Bryson Tiller’s True To Self album and Goldlink’s rhythmic single “Crew” featuring Shy Glizzy and Brent Faiyaz.

After listening to his solo work along with the music he has produced for many notable artists, it’s safe to say that Teddy Walton is certainly making a name for himself in the music business as an incredible producer and composer.

Check out the playlist of some of our favorite tracks by Teddy Walton below!

Author: Shelby White

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