Modern Funk Compilation set to release on Hobo Camp Records

Coming early March, Hobo Camp will release a compilation of Modern Funk’s finest. Featuring unreleased work by the likes of Brian Ellis, XL Middleton, BOY DUDE, Moon B and more. This will be the first compilation LP under Hobo Camp Records and is set to release March 9th on digital and vinyl. ‘Night Palms,’ will be a culmination of Modern Funk through the exploration of a laid-back 7 track LP with elements of G-Funk, soothing grooves, Jazz, presented through an army of drum machines and synthesizers. ‘Night Palms’ is heavily centered around modern funk but, the recurring theme is that of a tranquil, mystic, cruise ready anthems perfect for setting the mood for the evening or easing into the night after a long day.

From the moment Brian Ellis’ opening track, “Tides” hits the ear waves you are immediately are driven off into a sea of serene auditory pleasure and ready to embrace the palm trees of the night. While each track touches on the recurring theme of tranquil funk, every artist brings their own spin on ensuring the listener is locked into the groove and is filled with waves of serenity.

The title ‘Night Palms’ was inspired by the work of artist, designer, and close friend of the label, Trevor Tarczynski. Trevor was an influential figure in the underground art and music scene of Los Angeles who recently passed away. He designed for groups such as Rhonda, Edward Sharpe, and flyers for various underground music shows. The LP artwork was directly taken from Trevor’s archives and was laid out as a testament to his influential work.

‘Night Palms’ drops March 9th and is now available for preorder through Hobo Camp Records Bandcamp pageEnjoy the ‘Night Palms’ sampler to get a taste of the not to be slept on LP.

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