Mykey fills hearts with soulful music at the Hotel Cafe

Mykey performs at the hotel Cafe on Valentine’s Day.

If you didn’t have a Valentine this year it’s okay because Mykey made sure everyone felt the love in the air at his show at the Hotel Cafe Thursday night.

Mykey performed songs from his latest album and one of his favorite songs to perform is, “Why Baby Why”.

“I like this song because I get to scream and it’s always just a challenge to perform,” he said.

Mykey says he gets inspiration from the people around him when it comes to writing his music. He said he doesn’t write music about his own personal life.

“I don’t write music about my own life because it’s weird. I’ve written songs about my two friends who both liked each other and were too stubborn to tell each other. So, I decided to write a song about it.” Mykey said. “Untitled in Love” is one of the songs that was inspired by his friends’ secret love situation.

How cute is that?!

Mykey’s latest single is named, “Vhs” and it shows a different side of him. He brings us down memory lane with the title alone because who doesn’t remember a VHS?! Anyways, in his new single he strays away from his traditional sound and explores a side of himself he doesn’t normally show.

“Vhs is fun to perform. It’s just totally not me as a person, it’s just very sexual, which I am just not sexual at all,” Mykey said.

“Vhs” and the rest of his music can be streamed as well as his other music on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

He is currently in the process of creating his new project, which he says will have close to 16 original songs. Mykey says the album is set to release closer to the summertime, which is just in time for those summertime vibes! Make sure you mark in your calendars his next show, which will be Feb. 28 at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

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