#NewCool: Watch Out, Quani Willamz Coming Thru

Quani Williamz is a singer, lyricist and rapper born and raised in East Compton, California. His music has gained a broader recognition since the latest release of his new album “M.O.M.A” earlier this year in 2019. He has a unique narrative to his songs. Although he raps with an even flow and a soothing tone, the stories buried in his lyrics are anything but serene. Quani’s new album “M.O.M.A” is available to stream on Spotify. “M.O.M.A” is a personal memoir; the album gives us an inviting glimpse into Quani’s world. The tile of the album is homage to his mother and grandmother- two women who have influenced and supported his music throughout his career. The rapper gives his mother credit for his gift in music and makes it pretty obvious since the cover of his album is a young Quani hugging his mother.

Quani came into the rap scene with “Compton Cemetery” featuring Hugg. The music video posted in 2015, it takes the viewer straight to his neighborhood. The video will have you smiling ear to ear, tapping to the beat and rapping to his verse – it has an infectious beat. When asked about his creative process, he looked for words to describe the process as he experiments with song samples on his computer, with a bit of frustration he says, “I let the beat do the talking.”
His intuitive process can be noticed in the diverse yet seamless rap flows you can hear in his new album. The album consists songs that range from slow jams to high energetic club songs.

“I’m a nerd,’’ Quani said through his infectious smile when asked to comment on the song “Superhero” from his new album. The song features Miguel who sings a sensual hook, smooth enough to melt any girl’s heart.
The song that stands out the most from the album has to be “Hippie and Alcoholic”. The title has a very ‘Californian’ ring to it. The song is hard to describe, but the word “new west coast” comes to mind. The tongue-in-cheek title is a direct reflection of the current west coast youth culture. The beat and the rhythm of the music is old school (think Tupac – emphasis on the soft snare), yet the lyrics are bound to resonate with many – especially for the post-legalized marijuana millennia.

Now-a-days Quani can be found in his home studio making music and writing rap lyrics. His carefree aura is ever-present in his songs and tracks that he has featured in. His record is an escape, a calming and interesting escape from the usual mundane day-to-day life. When asked about the direction Quani was taking his music in the future, he laughed and said “The new album just dropped!”. He mentioned how he’s incorporating new style of beats and working with new producers lately. We can be sure to expect more rap music coming from Quani.

Again, check out his new album “M.O.M.A” and various other tracks on his self- titled YouTube page. Support Quani and his music – he has a very down to earth personality and one listen will get you hooked on the whole album.

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