Nike Proving Ethic and Business Can Coincide

Vision Still Alive?

Colin’s vision for equality is still very much alive and if not more than ever. Kaepernick who is 30 years old and still hasn’t played professionally for over a year, stands to set his sight on something bigger than football, which is equality. Facing legal issues from the league has not stopped Nike from offering Kaepernick an ad campaign. Of course Trump and others oppose of the decision but there are a great handful of athletes, celebrities and fans that are standing behind the ad and the message it portrays.

” Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. “

Kaepernick’s for the campaign ad inherit the message that the former NFL Pro Bowler is clearly staying behind his right and hopes that we do the same. Life is bigger than any sport or occupation, life is a gift and should be lived in fairness and peace hence Kaepernick role in the new Nike campaign.

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