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Nipsey Hussel shows us how to “Double Up” in his latest video

At 11 mins and 3 seconds it would be inaccurate to call Nipsey Hussel’s “Double Up” just a music video. From a unique storyline to a star studded cast, “Double Up” is more of a mini-episode. Of what you ask? A hustler who show’s his ex that her expectations wouldn’t stop him from doubling up.

Nipsey Hussel’s album “Victory Lap” is undeniably a classic album that is also a strong contender for album of the year. With singles like “Rap Niggas”, “Last Time That I Checc’d”, and “Hussle & Motivate”, it’s easy to see why this album is still in heavy rotation. And it’s videos like “Double Up” that makes fans come back to this classic album.

The song features Belly who lends his talents on the chorus of the song, the Canadian rapper’s style and swag in the video is on full display as he shines on the track. Also featured is fellow California rapper Dom Kennedy, whose laid back flow and lavish metaphors fit perfectly with the tempo and the context of the track. Dom contributes a dope double entendre’ about owning the west coast by mentioning his project Westside II (From The Westside With Love II), which is a play on words meaning that he runs the westside “also”.

Posted wit my back against the wall
Life is a bitch but she mine
The rag six deuce yeah it’s mine
“The Westside II”, yeah it’s mine

Back to the story. Nipsey is on a house tour when the mansion he is going to buy turns out to be his ex’s. Her (played by Lauren London) and her husband (played by Jackie Long) are now downgrading. And that’s when she sees her ex (played by Nipsey Hussel) has DOUBLED UP. But it ain’t all movie scripts, Nipsey still proves that he can rap as he delivers a full plate of quotable lines.

Big body take both lanes
Backseat blowin’ propane
All black, five gold chains
Young rich nigga bossed up on his own mayne
My new shit sound like it’s “Soul Train”
Tookie Williams over Coltrane

I guess you could say we know how this story ends. Girl leaves husband? Naw Nipsey shows that those who expected him to be nothing, will see nothing from him. In the end Nipsey introduces his new chick. The true definition of DOUBLE UP. As Laura London says, “Take Care”.

Here’s an exert from an NPR interview with Nipsey Hussel about the song “Double Up”:

That’s what the album sounds like to me, man. It sounds like Tookie Williams over Coltrane. If I was to sum it all up, I would say that. My tone is a lot more relaxed than people normally hear. I’m almost talking. And then Belly’s contribution is crazy. He’s one of the dopest artists, rappers, and songwriters in the game. I’ll listen to words and why he chose to say that word. And the words are unique and I personally like artists who are not drawing from acceptable palettes that already work; they’re choosing new palettes and new colors. So I love what he did. Then me and Dom got a history of just doing dope records together, so right before the album was done we got on the phone and I said, “I need you on this album. I don’t think I should close the album without having you roll on it. I got Kendrick and I got YG; I need you.” So the album belongs to the coast. I think we all collectively built this West Coast back together in our respective ways.

Check out Nipsey Hussel’s latest video “Double Up” and tell us what you think about the video:

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