Life As An Artist, Vintage Shopping In Los Angeles, And Young Thug As A God: A NogossipLA Conversation With Cassow

NoGossipLA caught up with the Portland, Oregon rapper at Rolling Loud Festival

It’s the last day of the Rolling Loud Festival in San Bernardino, a traveling hip-hop and rap-centered festival with roots originating in Miami, and Cassow, an emerging rapper hailing from Portland, Oregon, just wrapped up an early afternoon set on the Sauce Stage, a platform hosting the festival’s up-and-coming talent, the kind of acts you will see performing on the Loud and Dab stage in years to come. He walks into the press room smiling, not only because he’s still floating from his energetic performance only minutes earlier, but also because he’s about to wrap up his most successful year yet.

“Right now at Rolling Loud…people are coming up to me that already are familiar with my music,” Cassow says in an exclusive interview with NoGossipLA. “A lot of great big artists are out here, for some of them to come and be like ‘I fuck with your shit,’ at something like this is just dope.”

After making a name for himself with collaborations with Danny Brown and a scorching feature on TYuS’s 2016’s Never Forget, Cassow came into his own this past year with fire singles such as “Muddy,” “Lit,” and “Flashbacks.” In the studio, his sound is marked by a fierce tongue and vivid world-building, while on stage he wows onlookers with an unparalleled energy and a sharp sense of style.

“Creativity and art is everything,” he says, explaining his creative process. “You wear it, you breathe it. As an artist, certain things don’t matter. You just focus on your art, it’s everything.”

Cassow keeps his style popping with continuous visits to vintage stores across the country. Back home in Portland, he reps Hawthorne Vintage, but when visiting Los Angeles he strolls down towards Melrose for the best vintage shopping in the city.

“If you want to find some dope sh*t go to Wasteland,” Cassow says. “I go to Round Two as well. I forever find some dope shit in Round Two.”

As a young artist driven by creativity, Cassow looks to certain figures in the rap game who’ve came before him as inspiration.

“I fucking love Young Thug’s music,” he says. “I wish I could express myself the way he does. That’s my goal to ultimately be able to express myself and not give a fuck like Young Thug.”

Check out a snippet from the interview with Cassow below.


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