Oliver Riot Talks w/NogossipLA – The demons beneath Neurosis

Oliver Riot, the indie duo from Albequrque tapped a vein among fans with their new EP, Neurosis. NogossipLA was lucky enough to catch some air time with the life-blood of the band, twins, Alex and Ben Moore. So, I headed out to South LA, where the brothers gave me a tour of their abode, complete with a garage-turned-studio, and garden of mannequins.

You know how some twins have that uncanny habit of finishing each other’s sentences? Ben and Alex are not those twins. Both would regularly cut the other short throughout the interview while I sprinted to keep pace with these dualing brains. In our conversation we discuss Oliver Riot’s recent success, their new EP Neurosis, and how it is their music has been shaped by their shared disorder, Pure-O OCD. For the die-hard OR fans, you can listen to the full, unedited interview here on Soundcloud or take it in bite-sized pieces below.


Oliver Riot on Their Roots

Conversation Topics: Grammy Awards, Brewery Busking, Gypsy Jazz & Django Reinhardt


Oliver Riot on Living in a Korean Church

Conversation Topics: Living in a Church, Alex’s “Frank Sinatra-ea voice,” Brief Metallica Appearance



Oliver Riot on Touring

Conversation Topics: Potential for Tour, Being High in Church, Sleeping in a Van

Oliver Riot on Neurosis & OCD Part 1

Conversation Topics: The Writing Process, Aesthetic Tastes, Pure-O OCD

Oliver Riot on Neurosis & OCD Part2

Conversation Topics: The Writing Process, Aesthetic Tastes, Pure-O OCD


Oliver Riot – Final Thoughts

Oliver Riot is still slaving away at their next release but they told me they’d be releasing their first music video here shortly. You can find their two EPs at Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Below, you’ll find Neurosis – just a little something to leave you feeling thoroughly on-edge.



Check out the full audio from our interview available on Soundcloud.

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