Plot, Plan, Mobilize, and Strategize

From protesting and system reform to defunding the police and leveraging economic power, there have been many debates on social media about how the black community should go about creating an effective shift in society. Because the issue of systematic racism and oppression is not white-and-black, there cannot be a one-fits-all approach.

With already strained relationships between blacks and law enforcement, more community investment and involvement have become central in discussions on moving forward. Rapper Killer Mike, in his op-ed in the AJC, called attention to ways to communicate frustrations in the wake of police brutality – through community action. Joining organizations, he states, “is not meant to replace protests, but rather to ensure young people and youth have a base of support and a place to plot, plan, mobilize, and strategize.” Progress to justice will require conscious and systematic change, but in the end, the movement starts with us.

UPDATE: All Officers Involved in Goerge Floyd’s Murder Have Been Charged

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