Producers To Watch In 2020

 It’s the beginning of the new decade. Billboard recently released the Year-End Chart listing 2019’s top 100 songs- “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus took the crown. Quick glance and it’s obvious that Hip-Hop superstars dominate the list. In the age where artists work at the “speed of streaming”, ever wondered who is working hand in hand producing said music to make it possible? We’ll do you one better. Following is the curated list of producers to watch in 2020.

Jetson – The young South Carolina born producer has produced music for rappers such as DaBaby, Jetson’s beat is featured in the rapper’s recent platinum record “Suge”. Known for discovering rare talents, he develops music that is current.. while staying true to his style. Jetson has gained exponential momentum since his last hit with DaBaby, with the popularity Jetson-Made-Type music is gaining in the Carolina’s rap scene, his beats are sure to bring a new wave of record winning music in 2020.

Grammy Szn RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America certification) certified platinum producer Grammy Szn’s music has a differentiating style which can be heard in his recent single “On God”. The spiritually inclined music has a static clearing quality that sends shivers. The anticipation for more of Grammy Szn’s records is definitely worthwhile.

Sonny Digital – Sonny Digital Uwaezuoke- based in Atlanta, Georgia is “leading a renaissance of young beat makers” as stated by Calvin Stovall of BET. Future, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz and Rae Sremmurd are just few of the many rap stars that Sonny has produced for. The trajectory that the producer will be taking in 2020 is sure to introduce infectious beats most of us can get on board with.

Mega – Mega has been providing the soundtrack to a lot of your favorite TV shows and movies. Mega’s influences and love for all genres gives his production a distinctive quality, evident in the track “ I’d Never Give You Pain”, vocals provided by Kat Nestle which was featured in the Netflix show “All American”. Sources indicate Mega will be collaborating with actor Cody Christian who holds the starring role in “All American”. Collaborating with Kyle on his latest album “Light of Mine”, Mega’s and his production collective Pack In The Mail has plans to deliver indisputable music in 2020.

RP HooksFinally, voted via a poll held by NGLA, RP Hooks Also known as Christ Hooks’ has a haunting music- just listen to his demo on Youtube called “CLOUD100”. During Sway Calloway’s show “Sway in the Morning” Hook’s interview in the Get In the Game segment earned him a mixed review from the public with comparison to A$AP Rocky and Ferg. Calloway described his music as “explosive, like an asteroid”. Featured in ULTRA SUEDE, an album dedicated to creativity and community, the Minneapolis rapper/producer’s beat is a contradiction of ideas and sound, one to keep an ear out for.

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