Protests Caused Momentum Felt All the Way to Lawmakers

For two weeks, protesters have been fighting against the injustices experienced by blacks. NY Governor Cuomo, for example, in response to Amy Cooper who falsely accused Christian Cooper of a crime, is proposing a new bill that will make false accusations to the police due to gender, religion, and race, a hate crime. Because of Breonna Taylor, a Lousiville public safety committee has approved a proposal reducing the reach of no-knock warrants to crimes of “imminent harm or death” such as human and sex trafficking, hostage-taking, terrorism, murder, and kidnapping.

Protesters have also called for police departments across the country to be defunded. Cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis are making strides to do just that. While there have been debates on social media about the effectiveness of protesting, it is evident that protesting on the basic level at least creates conversations around issues that have prompted changes.

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