“Pull Up” Decade Recap

​When two troublesome people come together it can be really good or really bad, either way, it’s going to be entertaining as hell. That’s what we get in the lastest “Pull Up” episode that stars our two favorite media personalities Joe Budden and Charlamagne Tha God. These men have been keeping the whole world entertained for a decade-plus just by being themselves. This episode of “Pull Up” is amazing because they talk about all the highlights of the past decade that included music, personal problems, other people’s problems, beef’s in the industry, and many more things.

            Joe Budden’s career arc is something for the history books, not many people know Joe Budden was an accomplished rapper back in the day because he re-invented himself into a top 5 media personality in this decade. Charlamagne Tha God has been entertaining the world since forever with a lot of his highlight moments coming from The Breakfast club interviews, and his personal beef he had with people.   They start the recap with the most toxic topic rap beef with the highlight on Drake and Meek Mill battle and Jay-Z versus Solange. Charlamagne ThaGod quickly stating that Drake has a top 5 or top 3 diss record of all time “Some can say this is a top 3 diss record of all time, not because of content but impact. The thing I like with his diss record is that he made it a party record like Pac (2pac) did with Hit’em up.) They then proceed to rank the top diss records, Charlemagne puts his list out first in order” Hit’em up by Tupac, Takeover by Hov, Either by Nas, Dre Day by Snoop and Dre, Then Back to Back”, Joe mostly agrees with him but changes Dre Day out with No Vaseline by Ice Cube. They briefly talk about Nicki and Remy, Gucci Mane diss record to Jezzy and many other small beef’s that happened throughout the decade.

            The next topic they discuss is Kanye’s impact on the generation. Charlamagne talks about how Kanye ushered in the whole emotional and vulnerable mold that many artists are cut form today” All of these guys we are talking about are fruit off Kanye’s tree. When it comes to brothers being vulnerable and not being on that thug shit. Think about it, at the top of the decade that emotional shit Drake was talking about we wasclowning niggas for.” With Joe turning into a joke by saying Drake took it over the top with that emotional shit. This then proceeds to them talking about industry plants with a weird list that had Chance the Rapper, Drake, Russ, Janelle Monae, Billie English, Post Malone, Khalid and many more all making the list. Joe and Charmelenge go more in-depth about the term “Industry Plant” with an extreme focus on artist Lizzo, Lil Nas X, Teshaki69, and Post Malone and how they are considered one.

            The whole recap of the decade is an entertaining episode throughout the whole 2 hours. Joe and Charlamagne show natural chemistry with each other even though they rarely work together. Many of the other topics they cover vary from the top artist of the decade to the next generation of artists that will take over. They even mention how at some point they want to help develop the next generation of a media personality. Honestly, at the rate these two are going at I can wait another ten years before they hang it up. You can watch the Pull-up series on Youtube.

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