Questlove Calls Out Music Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic

“You cannot use the business model from Pre-COVID in Post-COVID times.”
– Questlove


Questlove started this convo with his recent Instagram post calling out the music industry and their focus on maintaining business as usual during a world pandemic. Quest’s rant comes off the heels of music activity being limited for DJs.

During this pandemic, DJs have provided a way for people to escape the depressing reality of what is occurring in the country. Look at the moment DJ D-Nice created with “Club Quarantine.” Limiting what it is that they have access to is pathetic and money-hungry when most people in this country are scraping together ends just to survive.

Quest’s message is clear – music is healing, so don’t limit what DJs are playing which is keeping people calm and sane during these tough times. #DJsAreHeroesToo.

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