RealName McCoy Drops Trippy New Video For The Hype Track “Souped Up”

The former member of Beyond Modern raps and eats Ramen while straight chilling in Tokyo.


Washington, D.C. rapper and former member of Beyond Modern, Realname McCoy shares his the video for his latest banger, “Souped Up.”

Much like the city itself, the video sucks the viewer into an altogether psychedelic and disorienting experience by using vibrant neon lights, distorted images, quick edits, and the occasional bright light which, without notice, flashes across the screen. Captured while visiting Tokyo for his birthday, its shot with a rented DJI OSMO and several disposable cameras. Realname McCoy says the video is “truly the outcome of going somewhere you’ve never been on a whim, and pressing record.”

While the video dazzles with its imagery and effects, the actual song, somehow, impresses even more. Written over the course of a single night at the Complex office with one of his friends who’s employed there, McCoy creates an undeniably catchy, and downright fun hype track with Jeff Gordon references, a downright fierce beat produced by Colton Bro, and an instantly memorable chorus.

The release follows his 2017 tracks “FWM,” and “Somewhere in the Tropics.” The song only adds to the hype surrounding his delayed debut album, which was rumored to come out sometime last year. The video’s posted below so go ahead and turn it on, tune in, and drop out.


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