Redlines You Should Look For When Signing A Recording Contract

Everyone wants to be a superstar , a life filled with riches and traveling the world and performing in front millions of fans . Nothing wrong with that at all , however that dream is what the record industry seems to prey on . Executives , Managers , Lawyers , and A&Rs can either be your best friend on worst enemy when it comes to signing a record contract . Well, I hope this could help you navigate thru the industry . First off understand that your art is your product and you need to protect it at all cost. 360 deals seem to be the biggest topic of the music industry when it comes to contracts . A 360 deal could be the worst thing ever when it comes to signing a contract if you have already built your audience and created revenue from your work . A 360 deal for those that don’t know is a deal in which a record creates you as a star and get a piece of EVERYTHING you do ( shows , publishing , endorsements , merch, and anything else they feel they’ve created for you via their platform). Let’s take an artist like Blueface for example his music rakes in millions and he don’t see the lion share of the profits . But he’s a superstar in today’s time .

Let’s not make Blueface the poster child for bad deals because some of our favorites have those same situations . Young Jeezy a pioneer of trap music and the corporate thug himself just recently bought back his masters . Taylor Swift also has the same problem and she don’t own her masters . Your Masters are the master recording of your music that is usually used in so many ways and when an artist don’t own those rights they don’t see that revenue . Some times lawyers and executives are in cahoots with one another and they write up the contract that bleeds your revenue while they take a percentage of your work and all and not just their percentage from brokering the deal . Russ recently stated how he feels a lot of lawyers sit on their ass and do nothing yet get a piece of everything you do . Creating leverage is the only kryptonite that works against labels and their bad contracts. The late great Nipsey Hussle showed us that when he sold his Crenshaw mixtape for $100 and sold over a 1,000 copies . So in closing I want to say all contracts are not bad and not every executive , lawyer , agent , A&R and manager are out to get you . So don’t think every dream ends in nightmare . Go hard and make your dream come true .

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