Reverie breaks the silence on her latest single – I Said “STOP”

Rapper Reverie Love breaks her silence in the latest released single ‘I Said “STOP”‘. Featuring Louden, the single and music video produced by HateProof and directed by Jonathan Ehlers is a paradox- filmed in a tranquil and serene setting, the music video shows a survivor’s turmoil to the visible world. 

Reverie’s single “I Said ‘STOP’” is a painful memoir. The main point of the music video is to show how difficult it is to reconcile with the self after rape. The narrative portrays rapper Reverie seeking justice- a fair closure for what happened to her. She is seen exploring the complexity of victim-blaming and self-loathing by contrasting polar versions of herself. Reverie becomes embroiled in the conflict of blame-shifting, it surfaces through unique and symbolic outfit that each version of herself wear throughout the music video, accessorized by the emotions that different versions of the rapper carry. The music video also gives us a glimpse of how the attack haunts every facet of her life to date. 

‘I Said “STOP”’ is a powerful and empowering music that makes the listener empathize with Reverie’s pain. In the United States, one out of every six women has been subject to an attempted or completed rape and one in three women and one in six men experienced some form of contact sexual violence in their lifetime. The rap provides critic to rape culture and bluntly questions slut shamers – “Why do I feel guilty?”.

Check out the music video below to see how Reverie pieces herself back together in this narrative of trauma and survival. 

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