Sdollasign – “Ride”

“Ride” a standard R&B love song, hitting you with romantic lyrics laid against a dreamy instrumentation. It’s heavy on shakers, echoing cymbals, and a dark and faded beat. Sdollasign is new to the game, but she knows what’s needed for a successful song. Her voice is sweet and soothing, perfect for the starry-eyed style she’s going for. She maintains a ‘poppier’ R&B sound more akin to SZA or Ariana Grande. The track is fairly cyclical, running through the same sounds and stylings over and over, adding to its catchiness. For a new artist, Sdollasign has done something pretty great here. It’s not work that will win her a Grammy, but this track is definitely worthy of radio airplay. As of right now “Ride” sits at under 1,000 Spotify streams, but Sdollasign has the formula to bring her music to the tops of playlists.

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