Tekashi69- The Definition of an Era.


Daniel Hernandez, a.k.a. rapper Tekashi69, rose to prominence in the summer of 2017 after dropping the smash hit ‘Gummo’ which shot to the top of the charts. He then took the hip-hop world by storm with an onslaught of hits. He had the whole hip hop culture in a frenzy with his wild antics and beefs with some of the biggest names in our art form. He challenged every rule and law of the street code with a smile and arrogance. He truly defined clout rap and took it to new heights. Between 2017 and present time, Tekashi69’s name is still a buzz. Now with him taking the stand against his counterparts, whom he used to portray his gangsta image with, we’ve all got to see the truth behind the smoke and mirrors of 6ix9ine. I wrote an article before about clout rap and I questioned how far it could go. Now, we see the results of it and how it left a bad after taste in the mouth of [the culture] and we want to act as if we never supported it anyway lol. But wait, before we cast our stones at Tekashi, shouldn’t we reflect on ourselves? After all, songs don’t rise to the top of Billboard without any support.

We blasted his music in every club and party across the world and cheered on all of his foul and foolish behavior. We sat with our phone in one hand and popcorn in the other, scrolling threw his Instagram page and blog sites waiting to see his next controversial move. Now, we act like we’re disgusted after seeing him become a snitch. Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, and we held on to every millisecond of his. 6ix9ine is actually a reflection of the microwave generation. This time, we just overcooked this one and now we’re throwing him away .

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