Shape Shifting Balloon Dresses, Newest Fashion Trend?

There seems to to be a new trend taking hold at your local runway – and that’s blow-up balloon dresses.

Norwegian designer Fredrik Tjaerandsen appeared at the Central Saint Martins’ annual fashion show, where the designer showed off a series of blow-up dresses.

A student at Central Saint Martins, Tjaerandsen worked with several luxury brands and fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. The designer had the opportunity to close out the show by sending several of his models with what seem to be balloons fixed on the top of their heads. These rubber garments then deflated, eventually draping over their bodies. According to an interview with Love Magazine, the dresses are made with a latch on the inside that allows the model to release the air, with the balloon material eventually falling and draping over the model’s bodies.

It’s strange, and a bit odd, but his innovative style was rewarded: Tjaerandsen was awarded the L’Oreal Professional Young Talent Award, which is noted to being one of the highest reward design students at the Central Saint Martins can receive.

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