Snax – Jacqueline Gonzalez is a 26 year old emerging rapper to hit the west coast rap scene. She started as a dancer, well versed in krumping, crip walking, jerkin’ – she reminiscently said “I still dance”. The rappers new single “Cash” is available to stream and purchase on Spotify, Apple Music, Google play and Amazon music.

Listening to “Cash”, Snax’s rhythmic flow enters in a dazed ambiance and builds itself up to a height worth falling for. When asked about her thoughts in entering the rap game, she replied “A lot of people try to do this.. I’m just trying to make people feel things”.
Her lyrics are inspired by the struggles she faced, “Everything I’ve said is 100%, the metaphor is true – it has all pertained to my life”. She dropped her first single in 2019 – called “Bigger Picture”. It is an authentic narration of what it’s like to be in her skin.
Snax is transcending the idea of being a female rapper.

“No one is obligated to make you do anything” her determination still resonating- “I’m in control of myself” she reassured.

The rap scene has never been forgiving, it’s a cutthroat industry where money is all that matters and there are many players in the game. Snax makes herself stand out by straying from the established female rapper image, Snax is not a Cardi, Snax is not a Nicki. She is her own being and she’s determined to have her truth reach the streets.

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