Notorious B.I.G. vs. Tupac (1/6)

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While there are arguably no other rappers who impacted 90’s Hip-Hop more than Biggie and Tupac, a battle between these two frenemies would be one for the history books. Biggie managed to have, along with the Bad Boy camp, hits on hits, and Tupac with Death Row Records created a sound and pushed west coast rap into the masses. Both artists have catalogs that have outlived their careers that were unfortunately cut short. So who’s the winner? The winner of this battle would ultimately come down to what geographic area you are from. Due to the East Coast, West Coast battle of the 90’s many radio DJs took sides and played music from their respective coasts. If you were raised on the East Coast, you’ll likely choose Biggie as the winner and if you are from the West Coast, you’ll likely pick Tupac. I think it is fair to say that this would be a definite tie.

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