The Dubbed “New York Princess of Hip-Hop,” Teyonahhh New Album “First Impression”

Brooklyn stand-up because we might have a new star on the scene. Its been a while since we had a new female artist making noise in the city. This artist has already gained enough respect on her craft to be dubbed “New York Princess of Hip-Hop,” by Shades45’s DJ SuperstarJay of DA Union DJ’s.

Teyonahhh released her 12 track debut album called “First Impression,” and she embodies the grittiness of Brooklyn but still shows her soft side. Throughout the album Teyonahhh talks about her come up from living in the projects doing hair too rapping, hustling, and tricking dudes out of their money. She also switches lanes and shows her melodic and R&B sound on more of her heartfelt tracks. She is a woman with the mind of a man. 

Teyonahhh is young, but she shows a lot of promise on her album. Her storytelling is an underrated ability, but it will be key to her rise in the industry. You can stream First Impressions on all music platforms. 

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