The Everchanging Mr. West

Very few artists understand the importance of reinventing themselves and utilizing new styles in their work, marketing and even their wardrobe. Humans are sentient creatures that thrive on discovering new tastes and trends and inevitably changing and finding new hobbies and interests. Fatigue is a real thing and it weighs on all of us in most aspects of our lives. Some people might order the same sandwich from their favorite restaurant on Grubhub for a week. Others might drink the same lager beer for a month only to switch to a pilsner after the month has elapsed. The same goes for musical taste. One day you might buy all of Bob Dylan‘s albums online only to abruptly switch to classical music for a few months. It’s natural.

Kanye West, like Bob Dylan is an anomaly. They are rare artists that come around once in a lifetime. They understand the importance of changing their musical style, thoughts and fashion in order to meet the consumer needs of various audiences. Kanye has been blasted for meeting with President Trump, suffering a mental breakdown, and creating music that sounds different from his work between 2004-2011. More specifically, Yeezus and The Life of Pablo were not what his fans expected. But, why does Kanye need to produce albums that fit any particular expectation?

When Bob Dylan abandoned his acoustic guitar for an electric guitar at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, a new musical era was born. Dylan had gone electric. The masses were hysterical, his fans called him a traitor, and nobody knew what would follow. But, Dylan continually changed his style from electric to gospel to rock and even produced a Christmas album. No one can question that Dylan has consistently evolved and his output and musical catalog have only become richer because of it.

Everyone is worried that we’ve “lost Kanye” but I think they’re wrong. Kanye’s only just begun.

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