The Homegirl Monie Bursts Into 2020 With Two New Singles.

Female rapper, The Homegirl Monie, mixes the future with nostalgia with her hard-hitting music. 2020 will see the first new music since The Calixy, with
two singles on the way, and a complete project to follow.

“Drop It” and lead single “Samantha Jones” are The Homegirl Monie’s most radio-friendly songs to date, her team states. Monie shares that the upcoming project still features production that is not bound to one genre. All Work, No Pray, which is expected by the Summer 2020.

“Just speaking on how hard work beats waiting with your hand out any day.”

Stream Drop It featuring Miss Bliss now:

A native of Pico Rivera, California, Monie describes herself as “Powerful and Relentless.”

These qualities are reflected in both her rhythmic flow and sultry vocals. Love for the West Coast often serves as a common thread on The Homegirl Monie’s projects, such as 2018’s The Calixy.

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