The Influential Force of City Girls

Meet the female rappers taking Miami by storm.

There have always been powerful women playing influential roles in moving the culture forward in ways where women are more comfortable in expressing themselves. Miami’s City Girls, signed to Quality Control and recently featured on Drake’s “In My Feelings” are unapologetic in their approach to openly demanding and communicating what they want. Their debut album Period released May 2018 serves as a guideline to financial empowerment and owning your sexuality. They also highlight and practice the same transactional mindset that some men have as far as buying dinner for a woman and expecting sex.

City Girls flip the script and demand that the people pursuing them share their finances instead. Before signing to Quality Control, the outspoken girls released their single “Fu*k Dat N*gga” in which they were “playing around” but ended up gaining recognition from Pee and Coach K, founders of QC. The overlap of gangster and raunchiness in the lyrics are inspirational for women everywhere focusing on their grind and hustle. These women know they have what it takes and are aware that they “got the culture” and “have the sound everybody wants right now” as member JT describes why their style separates them from everyone else.

As of now, City Girls have joined Lil Baby’s Harder Than Ever North American tour and even though JT is serving time at the moment, YungMiami is holding the group together during live performances. Their latest project is the music video to “Period” which is an homage to their hometown, Miami.

Check out their documentary City Girls: POINT BLANK PERIOD (Documentary) with Mass Appeal

Check out their debut single “Period” and the tracks that brought them to fame here:


Fu*k Dat Ni**a

Where The Bag At

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