The Rise of Jack Harlow

If you know Hip-Hop, you most likely know of the talented Jack Harlow. Whether it’s from hit albums like Gazebo, Loose, or Confetti, at one point, you probably couldn’t help but groove to his consistent flow and rhythm. In recent years, the 21-year-old Trap rapper from Kentucky has been circling through the media. Following the release of his label debut mixtape Loose(2018), Harlow became known for his catchy, refreshing, and confident music style that listeners would immediately appreciate. After the release, Harlow announced his break to focus on perfecting his upcoming music, later proving he did just that. One year after Loose, the hit-filled album Confetti(2019) finally arrived, marking his second full release since signing with Now Generation and Atlantic Records. The first verse on the track, “Ghost,” Harlow raps the hardest line of 2019.“She wants me to serenade her, but you know I’m bashful/ I got all the whipper-snappers and the Lil’ rascals.” The release of Confetti was the fuel that catapulted Harlow into mainstream media and pop culture. In mid-January, Harlow dropped his first single of the year “What’s Poppin,” which charted at #74 on the Billboard Hot 100.

After his most recent single, Harlow took to Twitter to announce the details of his upcoming album Sweet Action, which is said to be released Friday. Confetti will be a hard one to top, but knowing the talent of Jack Harlow, he will exceed the expectations.

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