Is The New Saynow

People have wanted celebrities’ phone numbers forever, and many famous personalities have had to change their digits due to fan harassment and mass texting. However, in the past few months, it’s becoming a trend — celebrities will drop a post on social media with their phone number, saying ‘text me.’

Ashton Kutcher, DJ Mustard, and Diddy are among the many who have opted to give their phone numbers (one of their phone numbers) away to fans, offering to reply to as many people as they can.

The latest platform for mass-texting in this fashion is — a company some have called the new Saynow. Saynow was a platform that allowed fans to connect with celebrities through voicemail or text, and Google bought the company in 2011. Since then, little has been heard from Saynow and the trend of texting your favorite musician or actor has died down. has stepped in as the new app to mass texts from fans.

Ashton Kutcher himself was one of the early investors in , and generated some hype for the platform by putting his digits out on Twitter. Since then, all sorts of folks have followed suit. Even Diddy has come out with offers to be in touch, saying he’ll “answer people, accept résumés, and give out information for parties.”

While you’re still texting a celebrity, and your chances of getting a personal reply may be slim, you could always get lucky — what if Diddy likes your résumé?

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