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“They Call Me PYT” releases new Hit Single “Boot Em” Out Now!!

Born and raised in Carson,CA They Call Me P.Y.T started her life in music at the age of 11. She started out writing songs for her elementary school friends. They Call Me P.Y.T’s family, especially her mother seen she had a passion for music through all the songs she would write. Her mother enrolled her in a mall talent show to help to get P.Y.T comfortable on stage. This jumpstarted They Call Me P.Y.T’s eagerness to perform. By 14, P.Y.T was already in the studio making her first demo. Seeing Bow Wow, a young rapper in her age group being such a phenomenon pushed her to create and take her music seriously. The stage name “They Call Me P.Y.T” comes from a friend growing up knowing P.Y.T’s love for Michael Jackson. They Call Me P.Y.T is heavily influenced by Bow Wow, Michael Jackson, 2 pac and her brother Jason who passed away before he had the chance to pursue his own music career. This pushes her to keep going. 

They Call Me P.Y.T has worked with Eazy E’s son Baby Eazy E, Nipsey Hussle, YG, has ghost written for a few major artists and opened up for The Black Eyed Peas. They Call Me P.Y.T’s music has recently been featured on HBO’s “Insecure”, starring Issa Rae. P.Y.T’s last album Meal Ticket which she dedicated to her brother, Jason Taylor, pushed her career to the next level. The album was engineered by Dwayne “DCat” Cornelius who’s worked with Snoop Dogg, Jay Z and others. She just dropped a mixtape in May titled “#QuarantineBae”. This mixtape expresses her inner feelings, actions, thoughts, and the climate that she’s in while living in Los Angeles during the Corona Virus pandemic. 

They Call Me P.Y.T’s goal as an artist is to establish herself in the music industry as a diverse writer. She would love to put out a classic album to solidify her spot in the industry as a platinum-selling artist. She would love to travel the world on a major tour so that she can inspire others to keep going after their dreams. She aims to own her own label one day and sign other ambitious writers, producers, and artists. They Call Me P.Y.T’s message is to never stop going after your dreams, stick to your guns, and go for what you really want in life. She lives by the quote, “What you put out is what you get back .” In the future, we can expect more music and videos from They Call Me P.Y.T. She’s been getting into the groove of recording, promoting, marketing, etc. so expect more writing placements on television shows and artists albums. Stay tapped in with They Call Me P.Y.T on her personal site and social media platforms. 

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