Torre Blake is up next and here’s why!

Torre Blake takes the stage at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles

Torre Blake is from Austin, Texas and she recently performed Tuesday night at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. She performed songs that will later debut on her album and some classic songs she’d previously written.

Blake said her favorite song to perform was “Turn Back”, because of the melody and meaning behind it.

“It’s about being in a relationship and knowing that person is not the right person for you and kinda holding on to that person, even though you shouldn’t,” she said.  

She describes her sound to be sultry, sexy, and bold.

“It’s super original. I don’t feel like a lot of people sound like me and my tone is definitely in the lower register,” While listening to her perform live, her sound is unique and she said she’s gained inspiration from legends in the music industry like Lauryn Hill, H.E.R, Amber Mark, and a few more!

One of the new songs she performed, which will also be on her album, is called “Summertime”. Blake create this song when it was feeling cold outside in her hometown. “I felt like it has been cold for too long and I’m tired of this! I need the sun and I need to be outside,” she said passionately.

Blake is a rising artist the world should be looking out for because in two years she predicts to see herself touring, playing her first album, and making money from what she enjoys doing. She is determined to make her dreams come true and making timeless music for the world to hear.

“I’m on the struggle bus now, but it is all going to pay off. This journey of what it is of putting in the time and the grind,” she said.

In the meantime, make sure to check out Blake’s music on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Be on the lookout for her first album, which she said will be released closer towards the summer or fall time.

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