Tovo Lo – Sadder Badder

Swedish synth-pop singer Tove Lo drops a music video this week for the track “Sadder Badder Cooler” off her 2019 album Sunshine Kitty. On its own, the track holds up as a cool, uncouth electronica banger that rally’s around 80’s-inspired synths and Tove Lo’s honest, auto-tuned lyrics. But coupled with the music video, it becomes a gory anthem of romantic justice that could pass as a 90’s Disney animation directed by Quentin Tarantino.

In the music video, Tove Lo’s alter ego rocks cut-off jeans and blue tips and wields a pink Katana. Accompanied by a spiky-eared wildcat sporting a vagina on its stomach, Tove’s character goes door to door in a suburban neighborhood reeking vigilante justice on the liars, cheaters, and X-lovers who did her wrong. Watch “Sadder Badder Cooler” here and keep an eye out for Tove Lo, she might be coming for you next! 


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