“Travis Ford” Floods The Streets Wit new Hit Single! “Hood Wit Palm Treez In It”, OUT NOW!!


The unique sound and tone of the South Central recording artist Travis Ford brings a new flavor to the Hip Hop Culture. Raised by his Grandmother and Mother, Travis gravitated to the streets. Being a gang affiliate Travis has spent some time In Prison. Rapping for five years he is the new face on the LA scene. Within the last three to four months Travis turned his music career up a notch taking it more seriously. Inspirations from Lil Wayne to Michael Jackson you will understand the energy he captivates. Having worked several jobs, Travis is now solely rapping full time. Checkout his projects “Where I Came From”, & “Hood Wit The Pam Treez”, with features from Cook Up Boss, Slim 400, Compton AV. Travis Ford’s main goal is to break International on the level of Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson.

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