Popping Sh*t with Txny Warren

Txny Warren, pronounced “Tony”, recently dropped his new single “Pop Sht”. The young independent artist celebrates his struggle and success in this arresting song. “Pop Sht” is out now and available to stream on SoundCloud and Spotify.
The song starts with a melody that grabs the listener’s attention with an infectious rhythm. With references about Akon, Lady Gaga and other popular culture tropes, the song cleverly pulls nostalgic strings. The verses compliment the off timing 4-beat present in his song and the dysfunction of his lyrics alludes to a life of struggle in Chicago- an honest account of a side that we don’t see in the news.

Regardless of the struggles Txny Warren raps about, the song is a still a celebration- “Ballin’ out for all the days I used to be poor”. It’s difficult to stay still while listening to the song, the beat makes you move. He has a deep monophonic tone throughout the song and the way he raps has the potential to put any listener in a state of trance.

Overall, Txny Warren has delivered an emotionally charged song that is sure to raise your energy and spirit. Check out “Pop Sh*t” for an instant surge of motivation and confidence, it’ll have you hustlin’ full-time like the rapper himself.

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