Until We All Win

Amidst the blaring music, the vivid Jumbotron overhead, and the spectacle of a home game against the state rival Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors fans were treated to a subtle gift when they reached their seats, t-shirts. But, the “Until We All Win” t-shirts are more than simple fan giveaways, in fact they’re representative of a collective message and the entrepreneurial and business partnerships that go into making these Arena Takeovers happen. In searching for a meaningful way to honor Black History Month, the Warriors decided to ask fans to wear the t-shirts in solidarity with each other. The t-shirts are symbolic of the achievements of the Black community and an acknowledgement of the remaining work that needs to be done to secure equity for all of our citizenry.

So, how does a project like creating over 23,000 t-shirts for a globally renowned sports franchise happen? It happens through partnerships and vision. According to Kurieo CEO Devin Lars “Making sure the client is taken care of, no matter what.” Is a key Kurieo value and it’s this commitment to their clients that landed the company a mammoth contract. Kurieo initially created t-shirts for one of their clients (you might have heard of them), Nike, at a rush fee. But, when Nike realized the price for the work was over their project budget, Lars realized that he had a mutually beneficial opportunity to capitalize on Nike’s problem. Lars reduced the invoice total and positioned Kurieo as a preferred Nike partner in the Bay Area. Lars’ savvy calculations, almost prophetic in their accuracy and return on investment, would soon pay off. Nike subcontracted Kurieo to print and produce the “Until We All Win” t-shirts for the Golden State Warriors’ 2019 Black History Month kickoff event.

An Arena Takeover is no easy task to accomplish. The feat requires the brainwork of key partners communicating to decide on job specifics, workers printing the t-shirts at the Kurieo manufacturing facility, and delivery team members to ship the fourteen pallets worth of t-shirts to Oracle Arena and Nike vendor sites. However, the final product was worth it as the freshly laid out t-shirts beautifully cascaded atop 19,596 seats at the Oracle Arena, simply awaiting to adorn Warriors fans. Some of the Oracle Arena staff and cheerleaders wore the shirts before tip-off, all while the home team practiced their jump shots and layups on the hardwood. A beautiful reminder of the NBA’s inclusivity and diversity and the progress made in the country’s civil rights on the macro level.

As the defending NBA champions began their first game of February 2019, the Oracle Arena was draped in a sea of black t-shirts. “Until We All Win”, exactly what Nike and the Warriors were going for, exactly what we should all be striving for.

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