Up and Coming Artist From The Windy City You Should Know About

Dave Coresh

Dave is not new to the music scene. Dave has paid his dues to the Chicago music community performing at local shows and collabing with some of the best independent creatives hailing out of the city. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Dave has extended his music career by making beats, directing his music videos and even featured as the leading man is Ari Lennox “BMO” music video. His latest jam titled OUTOFTHEBLU comes from his original work.

Txny Warren

Txny Warren is another establishing artist recalling a nostalgic era of hip hop. The creativity in his music stands out due to his unique vocal range. Some of his songs include All of My life, Not today, and the latest song Blood on My Hands.

Alex Trent

Alex Trent is another upcoming rapper and hip hop artist from Windy City. With two popular singles on soundcloud: Do Better (feat. Roosevelt The Titan), Building From Nothing. Alex Trent comes with classic hip hop taste that blends all elements.

Loyal T

Loyal T is among the top upcoming rappers in the Chicago rap scene. Getting his start in the game at young age signing with Ludacris‘s label DTP. He has proven his worth in the industry by releasing his first album: Now or Neva. The album talks about his life and the struggle he experienced while growing up. He also features other artists like John John and Paid.

Charles ” Fincoland” Payne

When mentioning about the best upcoming artists in Windy City, you never forget Charles Payne. Influenced by B.I.G’s Ready To Die song, Payne gained the passion for pursuing the music career. He completed his first project, The Creative Wreck, while in high school and later began recording songs while in Columbia College Chicago.

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