Pay Day LA: Elevating The Culture


PayDay LA is a hip-hop event created by the people and for the people. Powered by Los Angeles local and rapper El Prez, PayDay LA gives a platform to independent, underground artists from all over the city. Their only rule is “Be Dope!”. Along with hosting hip-hop events, starting with showcasing rap artists exclusively and then hosting R&B artists as well, they extend their services to artist branding as well. The goal of PayDay LA is essentially to highlight new talent. Hosted by Chuck Dizzle personality for iHeartRadio, Real 92.3, and the founder and host of HomeGrownRadio. One day of every month is dedicated to showcasing new talent and last week PayDay collaborated with Elevate Culture and Urban Street and  hosted an event at the Resident in Downtown Los Angeles debuting their new R&B event. The host for the night was Clay Dub, an idependent musician from Los Angeles. Some of the performers included Cocoa Sarai, an artist featured on Anderson Pak’s Oxnard album specifically on the track Mansa Musa and Zyah Belle who is part of The Samples, which are musicians that are contributors to Kanye West’s Sunday Service. The talent that is being showcased is of another caliber.

Check out El Prez’s single Inglewood here: and Cocoa Sarai and Zyah Belle’s popular singles here: check out and support Chuck Dizzle’s radio show here:

Check out clips below from a few of last month’s performances:

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