Villains, Drugs, and Hoes are no match for Quani Williamz latest release M.O.M.A

(M)others (O)nly (M)ommie’s (A)ngel

Every superhero needs an intro and for Quani Williamz’s this would be “Even Momma”. The 1st track of his 14-track album titled M.O.M.A (which stands for Mothers Only Momie’s Angel.), “Even Momma” starts off this musical journey from the story telling perspective of a son that has been passed down life’s lessons from his momma told thru him. Some he used. Some he didn’t. But realizing one way or another that he still learned them. But he also talks of his mother coming to a realization that she can’t keep him from the factors that he was thrown into as soon as he stepped off of his porch. “Mommy didn’t like the fact, but she knew what it was.”

No notable feature on the album tho Miguel(not the same Miguel) lends his smooth vocal talents on the hook of “Superhero”. The song seen to be more for his female audience is full of popular superhero references. Verse 2 puts an on his ability to go above and beyond as he ends each bar with SUPER. “You might be my kryptonite hoping I don’t lose my grip. You gone see my kryptonite I gotta change clothes and shit.”

Speaking to the musicality of the album it very reminiscent of 90s West Coast rap. The influence of P-funk is evident especially on the track “Easy” which uses the popular auto-tune sound that is more in line with the famous musician Roger Troutman rather than Future. The album follows the Dr. Dre formula of P-Funk production mixed with Gangsta Raps that helped propel the likes of West Coast pioneer Snoop Dogg and Warren G. But also are feels of Slum Village as on the track It’s My Party.

Where certain tracks on the album give off a live performance feel that puts a focus on live instrumentation. The big band feel of It’s My Party showcases a live horn performance that has become a staple in the hip hop sound. What’s probably best about this track is fellow artist Kid Maxx who surprisingly switches of his flow and also his language as he raps in both English and Spanish on his verse. Other also songs like Wonder have a noticeably live instrument heavy production that becomes the perfect theme music to this superhero’s tale.

So I feel chosen like the dude that made that art.

The last part of the album has a slower feel as songs like Incase and Miss My Nikkaz, and become more of reflective pieces that express Quani Williamz’s defining moments and still moments to be lived. What’s clear is that this album is a full-body of work filled with stories that capitulates the listener to into each scene. Though Quani Williamz is the superhero of this album it’s clear by the cover and by the form that the album took that his momma had a huge part in the artist and the person that he has become. His insight is surprising for a kid growing up in East Compton, but overall it’s ability to go above and beyond expectations that makes him above the norm. Make sure to checkout Qiani Williamz album M.O.M.A below:

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