“WhoWantWhat” – Newest Music Video by Aaron Cohen

Also Tour Dates Announced with Jarren Benton

Aaron Cohen is back with a new music video for his latest track, “WhoWantWhat.”

The track is off the rapper’s upcoming album “Red New York,” set to drop in early 2019. The track’s stripped-back beats and Cohen’s relentless flow make “WhoWantWhat” an energetic banger. Meanwhile, Cohen’s clever one-liners on everything from Ramadan to Prozac keep you engaged.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZB2anJ4FCU&w=560&h=315]

The music video for “WhoWantWhat” was produced by Ekany and directed by Alex J. Brehm. Cohen and his crew headed out to Brussels, Belgium and shot the video in just a single day. The production on “WhoWantWhat” is smooth and professional and yet this somehow adds to the rawness of Cohen’s style. Cohen called the culmination of his project “raw and unique.”

Starting in January, Cohen will be rejoining long-time collaborator Jarren Benton for the last leg of his “Yuck Fou Tour.” Cohen will be opening for Benton from Portland to New York and you can check for the full list of cities below or by following Aaron Cohen. “Red New York” is set to drop later this month and follows the Queens rappers last release “See Red.”

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