Asbury Park’s own Y.B.C releases his 1st debut album “WELCOME TO GETRIGHT 2”
(W2GR2) through his very own record label GetRight 718 Records, LLC. The album
consists of 10 tracks, with a bonus track from his signed artist “LD”. The album was released January 9, 2020 on all major platforms. Y.B.C has put a lot of time and great effort into this album, as he does with all his projects. He gives a diverse amount of flows and emotions on his latest project.

Y.B.C’s takes you on a journey through his life and where he hails from through his music. You can expect to hear everything from betrayal, to how he had to hustle for a buck, to the less fortunate parts of his life. You can also expect to hear about the passion and loyalty he has for his friends and family. This album also has a track dedicated to his female fans called “Forever” . This is one of his favorites. He wants the ladies to know they’re not forgotten about. Track 7 “GetRight Mood” is a favorite of his.

In the beginning of the track, it features a voice clip of a close friend that suffered a serious injury. He had a lot of fun in the studio making this track. The tracks gives you a nice head bop kind of feeling.

Stream W2GR2 on all major platforms


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